Somerset Area Chamber of Commerce


Together we will promote, support, and bridge business with community through economic development and opportunity.



We believe in...

  1. Driving positive cultural changes
  2. Operating with Integrity
  3. Promoting Prosperity & Success
  4. All Businesses are Valuable
  5. Developing Trusted Leaders


We advocate for a better quality of life for the Somerset community and surrounding areas through economic development and by helping to promote and create jobs, by supporting and expanding the positive aspects of our local culture, and working to create an environment that is open and welcoming to businesses, residents and visitors alike. We do this by keeping things positive and progressive, building a strong foundation built on integrity and loyalty, and by seizing opportunities.

A Note from the Executive Director


The Somerset Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit business membership organization; currently with around 102 members and growing fast!  We represent the voice of our local and area businesses.

When your business joins the Chamber as a member you and all of your employees are members as well and as such each is entitled to the full range of benefits and resources the Somerset Chamber has to offer, all designed to help you grow your business the right way for you!

Our Board of Directors, staff, and current members are working hard to: 

  • reinvent the organization,
  • redevelop the relationships we have within the community, the surrounding local area, the region, and even at the state level,
  • build a strong, vibrant force for good in the area by building a better business community that is active and engaged with its members and the public, and to
  • redefine our role as we look ahead and plan for major shift changes in the social & cultural climate and what that means with regard to economic and workforce development; including the global impact it will have on communities of our size over the next 3-4 years and into the next decade.

We're doing this by reaching out and being inclusive and welcoming, connecting commerce and community, and creating new and better ways for our chamber to communicate by utilizing the best tools and technology we have available to us today.

While most chambers view their mission statements as separate from their fundraising goals, we are working smarter and harder to align our mission statement with the monies the chamber receives.  That means that you can trust us to truly provide the best opportunities and results for you and your business to grow, creating a quality return on your investment!

Meaningful, trusting, lasting business relationships based on best practices and strong business ethics must be the solid foundation for our Chamber moving forward.  We are looking for people who are like-minded to become members and have a voice in our business community.  

The Chamber currently provides networking, marketing opportunities, and committees for our members. And we are currently in the process of developing educational programming, retention and expansion resources, leadership development, workforce development and more for our members in the near future.

It's a small world and we are all part of the same circle; we are each affected by the prosperity or lack thereof of our communities.  We will work to build alliances between businesses and to bring visitors and new businesses to Somerset which will benefit all of us.  

We hope you'll join us and be part of this exciting time of growth!  The future is full of potential with many, many more profitable and prosperous years ahead! 

We look forward to working with each of you! 

Sincerest wishes for your success,
Beckah Whitlock, Executive Director

Beckah Whitlock - Executive Director