CSP #1 (January 21, 2017)


The Somerset Chamber of Commerce helped bring together the Somerset School Board, the Town of Somerset Board, the Village of Somerset Board and members from the HS Student Council today to start the process of creating a Community Strategic Plan for Somerset as a whole.

Today we had a fantastic conversation about Somerset's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Our next meeting will continue that process. We plan to bring the general public into the process a little later during the third and fourth stages of the plan, so watch for more posts and information!

Special Thank you to Dr. Mark Bezek (Somerset School District Administrator) for facilitating the meeting and walking us all through the Strategic Planing process.

Special Thank you to Bristol Ridge Golf Course for hosting our meeting and Michelle Perry for coming in on her day off to open the building for us!

HUGE Thank you to all those who took time out of their Saturday morning to participate!!



A collaborative project of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Somerset School District, Town of Somerset and Village of Somerset.

It's About Time!

For the first time in a very long time the Somerset Town Board, Village Board, School Board, and Chamber of Commerce Board will come together to begin the process of creating a unified vision and strategic plan for Somerset, WI as a whole rather than individual parts.  This collaboration project is vital to future of our community!

We'll keep you updated with our progress through this blog page.  Thank you for your support!