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Supervising Contact's Name
**Teacher/Principal/Staff/Group Leader: must be employed by the school/youth group and have completed background check.**
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Supervising Contact's Daytime Phone #
Each Team must have a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4 students. You can register multiple teams from the same school/group.
Please indicate in the comment box below how many T-Shirts of each size needed for the 2-4 Team Participants. Mentors/Teachers will be able to purchase T-Shirts at the event if desired. T-SHIRT SIZES AVAILABLE: Youth Small | Youth Medium | Youth Large Adult Small | Adult Medium | Adult Large | Adult XL | Adult 2x | Adult 3x | Adult 4x
Help us make sure we have enough supplies for everyone. Please tell us approximately how many oil pastel sets you estimate your team will need. Keep in mind that each Youth Challenge Team will receive one (1) set of 48-count oil pastels with their Team's registration. We will have more available for purchase at the supplies tent for $10/set. That means if you need 4 sets you would need to purchase 2 at the supplies tent.